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Are you trying to find a roommate? or trying to find a rooms for rent?

Find your perfect roommate with FindMeRoomie

You can search for a roommate near you who matches your Diet, Drinking, and Smoking preferences. We analyze compatibility between potential roommates and suggest the best matches to you. You'll never be stuck again.

FindMeRoomie can help you discover a room for rent. It can also help you search for a flatmate for your shared flat. Our app can help you find rental apts near you.

FindMeRoomie is the best place to find roommates online. We help you get to know potential roommates, so you can find one who fits both your lifestyle and your budget.

Your Search for an Ideal Roommate ends here.

With FindMeRoomie you can find a flat and flatmate which you are looking for.


FindMeRoomie ?

  1. We match you with People who share same interest like you. If you are vegetarian you will be displayed apartments of the people who are looking after vegetarian people only. Similarly we have filters for Smoke and Drinking preferences.

  2. We believe on keeping things simple. Hence we won't be bombarding you with lot of questions, just few basic details and you are set to go.

  3. We don't' charge you heavily for connecting with us. We only ask for ₹10 to maintain our systems up and running. That is also charged after you get the match, we don't charge any fees upfront so register with us and end your search.

Why Wait ?
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If You are IPhone/IOS user, please subscribe us to know when we are ready with the App.

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